Super Santa Swap

Secret Santa With Unique Features

Build a wishlist

Add notes and links to items you are interested in. The person who gets matched to you will see your wishlist when the group is active.

Ban Certain Matches

Don't want couples who are both in a secret santa to get assigned to each other? Assign bans to prevent unwanted matches from happening.

Multiple Groups

You can do multiple secret santas at the same time, one for work, one for home, one for friends. You make a wishlist for each group.


Super Santa Swap will send email invites, notify your match when you add an item to your wishlist, and send a message to let everyone know when the group starts.

Free to use

No charges, no advertisements, we don't need your credit card info. If you like this website , feel free to chip a donation our way via PayPal.

Set a Price Range

When you create a group you can set a minimum and maximum gift price amount. All the group members will see this the price range in their profile.

Super Santa Swap